About - Harry Koenig

Choose what you feel makes you look beautiful!

At Harry D. Koenig & Company that is what we aim for. We bring to your selectively chosen brands that enhance your look and products that are environmentally friendly and crafted with hands. For over 107 years, we have been presenting an array of products like the Mason Pearson hairbrushes and combs to something for EveryBody in the Naturally by Kingsley, Kingsley for Men, and Kingsley for Kids ranges.

Since our inception, it has been our mission to give our customers the best products at fair prices. Therefore, we choose brands that are carefully curated with utmost innovation while providing benefits to the customers as they use them, like more beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

The Mason Pearson hairbrushes and combs, and the Kingsley products have been people’s favorites for many years now. Understanding the likes and dislikes of our customers, we have targeted to have products that keep them satisfied and are easy to buy through us.